Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I play tennis in Los Cabos? Where can I rent a tennis court?

A. There are a lot of tennis courts all over Los Cabos but often they are exclusive for the hotel or residential development they are in.  If you are looking for a basic court rental, Punto Azul and Vidanta are the options in San Jose and Del Mar in San lucas.  If you want to treat yourself with water on court, towels, demo rackets and more try the courts at the One and Only Palmilla.  It will set you back a bit but will be a much richer experience.

Q. Where can I take tennis lessons.

A. TOP 10’S has pros at several hotels and resorts (see main page) and is able to provide impeccable service and facilities such as Las Ventanas al Paraiso, Esperanza, Maravilla and Querencia.  Membership is required at some places, ask one of our pros for more details (contact us).  There are other good pros around but harder to find and many mediocre instructors.

Q. Is there a tennis community in Los Cabos? How can I meet tennis players in Los Cabos?

A. There are several small groups and communities but not a central organization. We know many local players and expats, please contact us with your rating (USTA or Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Pro)  and when you will be in town and we can find some suitable players to match you with.

Q. Are there weekly group tennis classes in Cabo?

A. Yes, several places have weekly programs available for outside guests such as Las Ventanas al Paraiso.  Punto Azul has local classes.  Campestre and Querencia are available only if invited by a member.

Q. Where can I get my racket strung?

A. Jonathan Stein the Tennis Director at Las Ventanas al Paraiso can string your racket professionally with a variety of string (Polyester, co-polyester, synthetic gut, wilson sensation.)

Q. Where can I buy tennis balls and tennis rackets in Los Cabos?

A. Costco in San Lucas has the cheapest tennis balls by buying a box of Penn (12 cans), Usually Walmart or La Comer also have balls and rackets (cheap ones).  Often pros will have lightly used demo rackets or new ones as well.  Contact us if you are interested.

Q. How much do tennis lessons cost in Los Cabos?

A. The price of a lesson varies greatly from 200 pesos (10USD) to 140 USD per hour.  Part of this is the quality of the facilities, if its part of a resort or not, and the quality of the instruction and level of the pro.  Let the buyer beware, most people willing to charge $10USD are not very good, but if you’re just looking for someone to feed balls it is the economic way to go.

Q. Are there clay courts in Cabo?

A. There is one at Maravilla, only for residence owners use.  Since Los Cabos is a desert it is very expensive to maintain a clay court.  There are some synthetic grass courts for those looking for a softer surface (Querencia, Esperanza) but mostly there are hard courts here.

Q. When is the ATP Los Cabos?

A. The ATP 250 takes place at the end of July/beginning of August and will be held at Del Mar this year.

Q. Where will the ATP 250 Los Cabos take place?

A. The tournament will be at Del Mar again this year which is just before the entrance to San Lucas, turn right about a kilometre after Costco.

Q. Where can I buy tickets for the ATP 250 Los Cabos?

A. At Koral Concierge in El Merkado by Cerro Colorado

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